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Create awesome E-Commerce website from scratch

Arun Nagarathanam
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This course will take you through simple and practical approach while learning ECommerce principles. It takes you on the right path to create a store with clear step-by-step guidance starting from a domain to configuring a payment gateway. You can get free domains and hosting packages to learn this course. Once you're accustomed to WordPress, you can move on our list of recommended premium hosting and domain, because choosing a premium hosting is where most new website owners go wrong. In this course, all lectures follow a step-by-step plan, that will guide you along the way. By the end of this ECommerce course, you can transcend from an absolutely zero to an expert, running a powerful online store to sell your products in just 10 hours.

Is this course for me?

f you opt for a Web designer, you may be charged $1000 for creating a custom theme. Instead if you choose a professional website building company they may charge you $600. But the limitation is that, you cannot ask for a custom design and they won’t offer any post purchase support too. If you start up this course, you yourself will become an expert in building and customizing your own ECommerce website with various WordPress themes and plugins. Above all, we will be with you, all the way down while building your website, to help you troubleshoot all the issues you may face.

What will I gain from this course?

Learn How to Build ECommerce website using WordPress, plugins such as WooCommerce and official WooThemes from scratch. Get 5 Premium Grade ECommerce Themes. Start Online eCommerce store to sell products. Get Free Domain + Hosting to learn this course. Setup and configure WordPress settings and much more

How do I prepare before taking this course? Is there a prerequisite skill set?

No coding skills needed. Windows or Linux OS or Mac. Though Mac has got some minor issues with XAMPP (localhost WordPress) installation alone

  • Lesson 1

    Welcome to the course Build an impeccable eCommerce website in WordPress

  • Lesson 2

    E-Commerce Website Preview

  • Lesson 3

    How to install a server environment in localhost?

  • Lesson 4

    Install WordPress in PC

  • Lesson 5

    Start WordPress in PC

  • Lesson 6

    Install WordPress website locally using Bitnami for WordPress

  • Lesson 7

    Free domain + hosting

  • Lesson 8

    Brand name suggestions

  • Lesson 9

    Install WordPress from cPanel

  • Lesson 10

    Where to buy paid domain?

  • Lesson 11

    Where to Invest your $$ once you go live

  • Lesson 12

    WordPress Dashboard

  • Lesson 13

    WordPress Categories, Tags & Post Revision

  • Lesson 14

    WordPress Permalink

  • Lesson 15

    WordPress Permalinks settings

  • Lesson 16

    WordPress Posts Dashboard

  • Lesson 17

    WordPress > General

  • Lesson 18

    WordPress > Reading

  • Lesson 19

    WordPress > Discussion

  • Lesson 20

    WordPress > Media

  • Lesson 21

    WordPress > Media Library

  • Lesson 22

    WordPress > Pages

  • Lesson 23

    WordPress > Tools

  • Lesson 24

    User Profile

  • Lesson 25


  • Lesson 26

    WooCommerce plugin setup

  • Lesson 27

    Products Introduction & Types available in E-Commerce WordPress website

  • Lesson 28

    How to add a Simple Product to your E-Commerce website

  • Lesson 29

    How to add a Grouped Product (+ Virtual) to your E-Commerce website

  • Lesson 30

    How to add a Affiliate / External Product to your E-Commerce website

  • Lesson 31

    How to add a Variable Product to your E-Commerce website

  • Lesson 32

    How to add Product Categories, Tags and Attributes to your E-Commerce website

  • Lesson 33

    How to Upload a new Theme in WordPress

  • Lesson 34

    Design & upload a header logo with background image

  • Lesson 35

    Install and Customize StoreFront Theme

  • Lesson 36

    How to Add a variable and a simple product to your E-Commerce website

  • Lesson 37

    How to Duplicate a Product within your E-Commerce website

  • Lesson 38

    Bulk Regenerate thumbnails

  • Lesson 39

    Quick Edit: Product

  • Lesson 40

    Add and customise menus in wordpress_display_off icons on product thumbnails

  • Lesson 41

    Create blog and image gallery page in your e-commerce website

  • Lesson 42

    Create promotional post in your e-commerce website

  • Lesson 43

    Install and customize Mystile E-commerce Wordpress Theme Part1

  • Lesson 44

    Customize Mystile Theme Part 2

  • Lesson 45


  • Lesson 46

    Woo commerce Tax settings Part 1

  • Lesson 47

    Woo commerce Tax settings Part 2

  • Lesson 48

    Paypal Payment gateway Part 1

  • Lesson 49

    Paypal Payment gateway Part 2

  • Lesson 50

    Shipping Introduction

  • Lesson 51

    Flat rate shipping

  • Lesson 52

    Shipping Class - Free shipping

  • Lesson 53

    Coupons and International Shipping

  • Lesson 54

    Local Pickup and Delivery

  • Lesson 55

    Preview of imported products from Amazon

  • Lesson 56

    Minimum system requirement of web server

  • Lesson 57

    Intro to Amazon Affiliate plugin

  • Lesson 58

    Install Configure 1st Amazon Affiliate Plugin

  • Lesson 59

    How to import products from Amazon using 1st Plugin

  • Lesson 60

    How users can buy Amazon Products from your website

  • Lesson 61

    Install Configure 2nd Amazon Affiliate Plugin

  • Lesson 62

    How to import products using 2nd Plugin

  • Lesson 63

    How users can purchase products added using 2nd Plugin

  • Lesson 64

    How to install and configure 3rd Affiliate Plugin

  • Lesson 65

    How to import products using 3rd Amazon Affiliate Plugin

  • Lesson 66

    Create Paypal Developer account

  • Lesson 67

    Create Paypal Developer app

  • Lesson 68

    Test purchase using Paypal standard Gateway

  • Lesson 69

    Test Purchase through Paypal Balance

  • Lesson 70

    Test purchase through Paypal - Bank funds

  • Lesson 71

    Test purchase without an account Paypal - Credit card

  • Lesson 72

    Introduction to Stripe Payment Gateway

  • Lesson 73

    Install stripe payment gateway plugin

  • Lesson 74

    Enable stripe payment gateway in WooCommerce

  • Lesson 75

    Test transaction 1 - Master card - Debit Card

  • Lesson 76

    Test transaction 2 - Fraudulent Cards

  • Lesson 77

    Stripe automatic refund from Woo-commerce orders dashboard

  • Lesson 78

    Add another currency to our E-commerce wordpress website

  • Lesson 79

    Lets Deal with the Front end

  • Lesson 80

    Front end of multi-currency plugin

  • Lesson 81

    Configure the plugin to Pay with Secondry Currecy

  • Lesson 82

    How to add multiple currencies instaed of just two

  • Lesson 83

    How to add a custom currency toour E-commerce Website

  • Lesson 84

    E-commerce - Order management introduction

  • Lesson 85

    E-commerce coupons

  • Lesson 86

    Add an order manually

  • Lesson 87

    Wordpress E-commerce - Viewing orders

  • Lesson 88

    Order status

  • Lesson 89

    Order totals

  • Lesson 90

    Automatic and manual refunds

  • Lesson 91

    WooCommerce reviews

  • Lesson 92

    Advanced Reviews - General Settings

  • Lesson 93

    Advanced reviews - Layout Customization

  • Lesson 94

    Advanced reviews - from customer perspective

  • Lesson 95

    Analysing sales report in your e-commerce website - Introduction

  • Lesson 96

    Report Tax

  • Lesson 97

    Report Stock

  • Lesson 98

    Report Customers

  • Lesson 99

    Reports order sales by date

  • Lesson 100

    Report order sales by products

  • Lesson 101

    Report order sales by product and coupon

  • Lesson 102

    How to choose plugin to speed the website

  • Lesson 103

    Set up catch plugin to speed your website

  • Lesson 104

    Insert Ads to sidebar and in-between content

  • Lesson 105

    Spam protection

  • Lesson 106

    Recommended Wordpress WooCommerce Plugins

  • Lesson 107

    Introduction to E-commerce Security and Install Secutiry Plugin

  • Lesson 108

    Wordpress Login Lockdown

  • Lesson 109

    Wordpress Admin User

  • Lesson 110

    Wordpress File system security

  • Lesson 111

    Wordpress Basic and advance firewall protection

  • Lesson 112

    Wordpress Database security

  • Lesson 113

    Manage Blacklist in wordpress

  • Lesson 114

    Wordpress - Brute Force Protection

  • Lesson 115

    Wordpress Spam prevention

  • Lesson 116

    Wordpress Scanner

  • Lesson 117

    Copy, iframe protection and maintenance mode in wordpress

  • Lesson 118

    E-Commerce Pricing tables

  • Lesson 119

    Configure and setup a responsive pricing table

  • Lesson 120

    Install Setup E-commerce Kento Pricing Table

  • Lesson 121

    Install and setup E-commerce Pricing Table Plugin

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Arun Nagarathanam

I'm an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. I'm a teacher of examples. My teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations. I go deep in whatever I learn & whatever I teach. I derive immense satisfaction in teaching the concepts, I'm expert in. That's why, my students call me a VERSATILE teacher.

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