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Online Traffic Generator Bootcamp- Total Traffic Solution

Kaivalya Deshpande
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Discover How You Can Get Thousands of Red Hot, Pre-Sold BUYERS to Your Sites. One Course, 1.5 Hours of Study - 2 Powerhouse Traffic Sources and TONS of BONUSES IN YOUR POCKET. End Dependency on one Particular Traffic Source,Unlimited, Targeted, Super Traffic on Crack. Unlike SEO, Secret Strategy and Ninja PPC Techniques gets you NEARLY INSTANT TRAFFIC. Within 48 Hours. Kaivalya Deshpande Here. And One Thing EVERY Online Business Owner NEEDS is TRAFFIC. No Matter What it is - CPA, Affiliate Marketing, Selling your Own Courses Online, E-Commerce, Freelancing Services. WE ALL NEED TRAFFIC. Traffic is the engine that drives money into our bank account. We need it to send us targeted leads and sales - the people who are spending money on things they both need and desire. But there is one single problem. The Big Traffic Lie. Constant Content Churn and Burn. You know what this big lie is? It's the lie that you need to write, produce, optimize and go completely crazy just to get traffic. A lot of crap is sputtered out about writing, syndication and article marketing with people constantly churning out content, chasing the Google,Facebook Beast in Standard way, in hopes to catch big dough Of course, we know what happens next. Burnout.

Is this course for me?

This course is for anyone Who have/Want to have Online Business, Beginners at Marketing and Online Business, Want to be Good at Targeted-Traffic-Generation On Demand, Wants to stabilize Their Business By Tapping into Multiple Sources of Traffic and Digital marketers.

What will I gain from this course?

Increase GOODWILL about you and your product in Marketplace while SELLING Stuff Simultaneously. Get Actionable Ideas Strategies and Do-able Plans regarding Writing Sales Pitches and Online Traffic Generation. Build a Basic Good Working Marketing Funnel that Continuously Converts Leads into PAYING Customers and much more.

How do I prepare before taking this course? Is there a prerequisite skill set?

Very Strong Desire of Actually Complete the course and Apply All Knowledge into Your Business. Have a computer and a internet connection.

  • Lesson 1 - Introduction Video

    Introduction to Online Traffic Generation Bootcamp. What is the CURRENT Situation of Online Marketplace, Opportunities, Problems and Solutions?

  • Lesson 2 - Start from here

    Introduction of Online Traffic Generation Bootcamp. Without Fancy Introductions, Let's Actually GET TO WORK RIGHT NOW... This is where Rubber REALLY Meats the Road

  • Lesson 3 - Super Ninja Intro to PPC

    Basic Concepts of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) World, Just in case, You are Beginner.

  • Lesson 4 - Getting MAGIC-GUN ready

    Let's Take care of Something called Marketing Funnel. NEWBIE Friendly.

  • Lesson 5 - Ninja PPC Training 1

    The Real MEAT... Getting Traffic to your Marketing Funnel Part - 1

  • Lesson 6 - Ninja PPC Training 2

    The Real MEAT... Getting Traffic to your Marketing Funnel Part - 2

  • Bonus 1 - Ways to make money

    Different Ways to make money

  • Bonus 2 - Assets and Liabilities

    Let's Add Assets and Reduce Liabilities

  • Bonus 3 - You Become What You Think About

    Thinking Power in Business

  • Bonus 4 - What is your WHY

    What is your WHY

  • Bonus 5 - The MS Formula

    The MS Formula

  • Bonus 6 - Pull Marketing

    Pull Marketing

  • Bonus 7 - How to make yourself stand out

    Learn How to Raise Head and Shoulders Above Your Competition

  • Bonus 8 - Are you Hungry or Desperate

    Are you Hungry or Desperate

  • Bonus 9 - How to Make Money Online

    How to Make Money Online

  • Bonus 10 - What Works

    What Works

  • Bonus 11 - Get Rich Quick

    Get Rich Quick

  • Bonus 12 - What Get Rich Quick Schemes Dont Understand

    What Get Rich Quick Schemes Dont Understand

  • Bonus 13 - Visualize


  • Bonus 14 - How Your Mind Looks Like

    How Your Mind Looks Like

  • Bonus 15 - Production Consumption Stability

    Production Consumption Stability

  • Bonus 16 - How Your Business Will Look Like After 5 Years

    How Your Business Will Look Like After 5 Years

  • Bonus 17 - Are You Happy or Satisfied

    Are You Happy or Satisfied

  • Bonus 18 - Should You Take Risks or Not

    Should You Take Risks or Not

  • Bonus 19 - Expertise Magnet

    Expertise Magnet

  • Bonus 20 - How Much You DON'T Work

    How Much You DON'T Work

  • Bonus 21 - A Decision

    A Decision

  • Bonus 22 - Something about Hiring People

    Something about Hiring People

  • Bonus 23 - Don't Strategize

    Don't Strategize

  • Bonus 24 - Scary and Exciting Goals

    Scary and Exciting Goals

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Kaivalya Deshpande

Hi, I am Kaivalya Deshpande.I always fancy about me page and profiles of people, maybe because they are written in Third person despite of the fact that, usually, they’re typically written by the the owner of the site.. :) So after Several attempts of sounding smarter and cooler than i really am, by writing about me in third person, I Quickly abandoned that approach and decided to write as if I am writing an letter to my old friend. Which, in many ways, it is. Anyway, Back to the point. What do you want to know about me? I'm 19 years old, I live in Ahmednagar, MaharashtraI have Pets accordingly 2 cats and 1 Dog (who lives happily together, unlike movies) But I am guessing, that's not the kind of information you're looking for. What you're probably wondering,Is this guy worth my Time and Attention or not?Well, Based on what you are looking for, My answer could be Yes or No.

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