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SEO - E-Commerce SEO for Wordpress website

Arun Nagarathanam
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This SEO for E-Commerce course will serve you as a comprehensive guide, if you're starting a new E-Commerce website or optimizing your established online store for more sales. If you're not getting any traffic from Google then it means you're leaving sales on the table.

Is this course for me?

If you are an entrepreneur or a e-commerce website owner or a digital marketer in e-commerce field this course is apt for you. It is for anyone who wants to improve their ranking on google

What will I gain from this course?

Usually, new ECommerce sites think that if they just list 100s of products on their online store, then Google would bring in the traffic gradually. But in reality that's not the case. Even if you wait for 10 years, you won't achieve the results / sales that this course can give in just 3 months after optimization. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to increase your sales by up to 500% and also you will outrank your competitors on Google search as well as in terms of trust and credibility.

How do I prepare before taking this course? Is there a prerequisite skill set?

You need to have a WordPress E-Commerce Website or a Shopify store.

  • Lesson 1

    Keywords for E-Commerce SEO Preview

  • Lesson 2

    Long-Tail Transactional Keywords for E-Commerce SEO

  • Lesson 3

    How to Choose your Competitor

  • Lesson 4

    Choose Competitor Manually

  • Lesson 5

    3 Tools to do Competitor Analysis

  • Lesson 6

    Last Tool to analyze the Competitors

  • Lesson 7

    How to Use Google Keyword Planner Tool: The Right Way

  • Lesson 8

    Keyword in Domain Name

  • Lesson 9

    Why PageSpeed is important for E-Commerce Websites

  • Lesson 10

    Factors affecting PageSpeed of your E-Commerce Website

  • Lesson 11

    3 Unique Tools to Analyze PageSpeed

  • Lesson 12

    How to make your Dynamic E-Commerce website into static pages

  • Lesson 13

    How to Optimize Java-Script and CSS on your website

  • Lesson 14

    How to optimize Above the fold content of your website

  • Lesson 15

    How to Boost your website's Official Google PageSpeed Score

  • Lesson 16

    How to Check if your E-Commerce Website is Mobile Friendly or not?

  • Lesson 17

    Proof for getting 1s page load time: Final PageSpeed Test Preview

  • Lesson 18

    How your Headline or Title Should not be?

  • Lesson 19

    How to structure your Post and Product page?

  • Lesson 20

    Install and Configure Yoast SEO: The Right Way

  • Lesson 21

    The exact way to write the Meta Description

  • Lesson 22

    How to optimize the Media items for SEO

  • Lesson 23

    Tuning the URL slug and entire site's URL Structure for SEO

  • Lesson 24

    The Correct method of linking your site internally

  • Lesson 25

    How to enable Breadcrumbs on a theme that doesn't have it

  • Lesson 26

    How you can use outbound links for your benefit

  • Lesson 27

    Finding and rectifying errors on your website - Automatically

  • Lesson 28

    How to optimize your content based on related terms and proof terms

  • Lesson 29

    Importance of Rich Snippet in SERPS and How to make it interesting

  • Lesson 30

    Creating a Sales Funnel to increase sales

  • Lesson 31

    What is Abandonment rate in the eyes of Google

  • Lesson 32

    How you can set a realistic target Bounce rate

  • Lesson 33

    Reducing bounce rate by targeting the right customers

  • Lesson 34

    Reducing Bounce rate by improving User Experience

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Arun Nagarathanam

I'm an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. I'm a teacher of examples. My teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations. I go deep in whatever I learn & whatever I teach. I derive immense satisfaction in teaching the concepts, I'm expert in. That's why, my students call me a VERSATILE teacher!

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